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Our History

Our story first started when us girls went on vacation to Hawaii. We were so excited for some sun and relaxation, and of course some fun! Anyways.. All of us being in the beauty industry we were always on the lookout for amazing new products that we could share with our friends and clients. So one day during our trip we decided to go do some shopping in some local villages and we stumbled across the cutest cart run by an adorable old man. He was selling these all natural skin healing products that people have been using for decades. Of course we had to buy some and try it. That got us to thinking… could we make a makeup out of these ingredients? So we took it to a chemist friend and told her we wanted to make something that is simple and easy to apply and would showcase a woman’s natural beauty. Of course being the rockstar that she is she came back to us with the Mineral Kiss set and we loved it!! And now we are beyond excited to share our baby with y’all!!


To empower women of all ages to not only feel comfortable in their own skin but to truly feel beautiful without needing a bunch of makeup. Mineral Kiss believes that every woman is beautiful and we want to help make that natural beauty shine through.